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Arduino Wireless SD Shield

Reference: A000065

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The Arduino Wireless SD Shield is designed to prototype wireless applications using modules compatible with the XBeeTM socket, including an onboard SD card storage.


  • Compatible with Arduino boards and clones
  • Xbee socket with onboard 3.3V regulation
  • Onboard SD Card socket
  • Prototyping area
  • Breaks out each of the XBee's pins to a through-hole solder pad
  • Female pin headers for all the Arduino pins
  • Board fully assembled and tested.


Serial configuration :

An on-board swith allows the wireless module to communicate with the USB-to-serial converter or with the microntroller:

  • "Micro" position : use this mode to connect the wireless module to Rx and Tx pins of the microcontroller. Using this mode the microcontroller will no be programmable. You must remove the shield to upload a sketch.
  • "USB" position : use this mode to allow the wireless module to communicate directly with a computer via USB, and configure your wireless module. You must remove or upload an empty sketch into the microcontroller to allow this communication.



Arduino Wireless Shield SD documentation
Arduino SD library reference


SDFatLib Library
Eagle Files


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